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ERDF Partners

Italy LevantePA

Organization Name:
Levante Port Authority
(Ports of Bari, Barletta and Monopoli)


Contact Person:
Ing. Mario Mega

Contact e-mail:

The Port Authority of Levante (Ports of Bari, Barletta and Monopoli) was established by the Law on Port Reform (Law no. 84 of January 28th, 1994) "Re-organization of legislation concerning ports" (G.U. n. 28 of February 4th, 1994) and is subjected to the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport supervision.

The Port of Bari is of fundamental importance for the development of commercial traffic with both domestic and Mediterranean countries. It represents an important element of corridor 8, the axis of transport linking the Balkan area with the ports of the lower Adriatic, whilst also a strategic ring between Adriatic countries and those of the Black Sea area.

In recent years, the port has been the subject of a long infrastructure improvement process, aimed at developing economic and social cohesion. This process has, on the one hand, promoted trans-border and inter-regional cooperation, and on the other, a balanced development in areas beyond the borders of the EU.

Due to such experience the Port of Bari, having experience in monitoring activity gained during the ongoing European projects, takes on the role of mentor for the transfer of know-how. The port will in turn benefit, taking advantage of the network of Pilot Sites and the Web GIS site arising from the project.

Italy BrindisiPA

Organization Name:
Port Authority of Brindisi


Contact Person:
Dott. Giuseppe Labbruzzo

Contact e-mail:

Port Authority of Brindisi was established on 5th June 1995 by the Law n. 84/1994 on Port Reform, "Reorganization of legislation concerning ports", and is subjected to the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport.

Port Authority of Brindisi will play an important role, on the Italian side, for the development and promotion of the project. In fact the previous experience demonstrates the existence of scarce integration and coordination as well as a lot of difficulties for the unification of procedures in order to achieve a leveled playing field on environmental management for all SEE Countries. With this regard, the contribution of the Port Authority of Brindisi to the project will also consist in the organization of an exhibition concerning the green ship technology.

Port Authority of Brindisi has already dealt with international cooperation programmes and has the right know-how and the required skills to manage them. This ability is due to the natural competence in traffics and international partnership as well as to the constant relationship that are typical of a Port.

Previous proposals, in fact, have always been guaranteed through own resources as well as through external staff allowing a proper management of international partnership.

Italy Universus

Organization Name:
Universus CSEI - Training and Innovation University Consortium


Contact Person:
Dr. Roberta Puzzovio

Contact e-mail:

Universus is a non-profit HE training organization which, since 1975, has acted as a flexible and pro-active link between the University sector (with its scientific and research strengths) and the fields of industry and the service sector in the fast-developing Puglia region. Universus is a University consortium with members including The Universities of Bari, Salento, Foggia, Bari Polytechnic, the Municipality of Bari and The Popular Bank of Bari.

Universus was founded with the aim of combining and developing the relationship between the technical and managerial spheres, enjoys a unique and accredited vantage-point within the framework of local and national training, delivering a range of training solutions in different area.

Universus, thanks to its INTERNATIONAL UNIT consolidates, as part of a wider innovation and development strategy, the role of the organisation in activating "complex and sustainable development and learning processes on an international level". This sees the Unit involved in many project initiatives and international cooperation programmes aimed at sustainable local development, increasing regional competitiveness and technical skills, facilitating internationalization and participation in thematic learning networks.

Due to its wide experience in EU projects (e.g. Interreg, SEE, LLP) Universus will support the training seminars for portal stakeholders and will participate with POLIBA in the internal monitoring phase, capitalizing the already implemented in the ECOPORT 8 project system.

Greece logo TEIofEpiruslogo KICLab

Organization Name:
Technological Educational Institute of Epirus


Contact Person:
Chrysostomos Stylios

Contact e-mail:

TEI of Epirus covers the region of Epirus and particularly the Knowledge and Intelligent Computing Laboratory (KIC Lab) has an immediate relevance with this project, it will contribute in activities related mainly to ICT but also to environmental issues and networking. TEI of Epirus has great experience in participating in many R&D national and European projects such as Interreg, FP7, IST etc. It is the closest Research Institute with the port of Igoumenitsa, they have long and close collaboration providing solutions and collaborate in EU funded projects.

The role of KIC Lab is to participate effectively in the support and service of educational and research needs of all the stakeholders of the region of Epirus such as Port of Igoumenitsa and collaborate with organizations from Region of Ionian Islands and Region of Western Greece. It supports them with its high scientific and research expertise. KIC Lab staff includes experienced researchers in developing ICT tools and applications, such as web-platforms and WebGIS applications.

TEI of Epirus and KIC Lab have long cooperation with greek and european Port Authorities, such as Port of Igoumenitsa and Port of Patras and Port Authority of Venice, Port of Ploce, Port Authority of Bari; It collaborate with them in many R&D projects and it provides research and advanced solutions. TEI of Epirus is currently cooperating with other partner and the continuation of the cooperation will ensure the successful implementation of this proposal. KIC lab will mainly contribute to the development ICT tools and applications, such as web-platforms and WebGIS applications.

Greece olig EN

Organization Name:
Igoumenitsa Port Authority S.A.


Contact Person:
Konstantinos Grinias

Contact e-mail:

Igoumenitsa Port Authority (OLIG S.A.) is a state owned company governed by public law. Its main activities include, management of the port domain, development of port services, opening new activities in the maritime sector, etc. OLIG S.A. is constituted from four different directorates (Administration, Finance & Supplies-Port Services-Development-Works) with discrete responsibilities which cooperate closely under the guidance of the board of directors. An average annual budget of the company is about 15,000,000 Euros.

Igoumenitsa Port Authority team has significant expertise in national, international and EU funded projects. The successful completion of similar projects is a guarantee for the team's capabilities. Through the expertise gained from INTERREG projects, OLIG can provide the know-how in the implementation of the project and can overcome any issues that might arise.

Greece olpa

Organization Name:
Patras Port Authority S.A.


Contact Person:
Stavros Antipas

Contact e-mail:

The Patras Port plays an important role in the economic life of Patras, Western Greece and Greece in general. Patras Port Authority (O.L.PA. S.A.) is a state-owned company governed by public law. Its main activities include management of the port domain, development of port services, opening new activities in the maritime sector, cruise etc. O.L.PA. S.A. consists of two different directorates (Administration, Finance and Technical) with discrete responsibilities which cooperate closely under the guidance of the board of directors.

Patras Port Authority team has significant expertise in national, international and EU funded projects. The successful completion of similar projects is a guarantee for the team's capabilities. Through the expertise gained from INTERREG projects Patras Port Authority can provide the know-how in the implementation of the project and can overcome any issues that might arise.

Bulgaria NIMH-BAS logo

Organization Name:
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Contact Person:
Prof. Jordan Marinski

Contact e-mail:

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) with 4 branches all over the country is the main place in Bulgaria which gives for more than 134 years its humble information and scientific contribution to the mastering and studying of the problems related to the water resources, climate change, weather, environmental monitoring. The information database in the institute is systematic collected, processed, managed, maintained and developed. NIMH serves customers including state institutions with information products, solves problems in the field of applied hydrology, meteorology, the ecological aspect of the problems related to the air and water composition essentially depends on the physical state of the atmosphere and hydrosphere. NIMH - BAS is the main methodological coordinator and performer of operational services, applied research and theoretical investigations in the field of meteorology and hydrology. After the reforms in BAS in the first half of 2010, the NIMH enhanced its activity with new department "Water Use and Management" (the former Institute of Water Problems was joined to as a Department) for problems of theoretical and applied research in the field of Bulgarian water resources, sustainable use and management - development of methods, models, software and technologies for solving resource, technical and technological problems.

Due to the gained experience in the national integrated seacoast problems management and to its contribution to world science in the field, and to the importance of Bulgaria in view of the pan-EU corridors, the NIMH BAS has been invited to participate in this project.

Bulgaria PortInfrastructure LOGO

Organization Name:
Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company


Contact Person:
Vasil Hadzhiev

Contact e-mail:

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company BPI Co. is responsible on behalf of the state about the infrastructure management and development of the public ports of national importance. The latest include the major ports on the Black sea coast as well as the Danube river bank. The administrative network of BPI Co. includes Territorial Directorates in Varna, Bourgas, Rousse and Lom.

The previous stage of ECOPORT 8 included the purchase and the implementation of the automatic monitoring system for the Port of Bourgas. BPI Co. defines its last ecological priorities in the field of waste management and surface water management. The idea is to work on projects related to these two matters in the territory of the Port of Varna West. For the time being the port uses the waste management plant of Devnya terminal. The draining systems of the port are 35 years old.

The history of cooperation between the Varna Port management team and BPI Co. is very reliable. BPI Co. had the total support of the Varna Port management team for the educational panel of ECOPORT 8. Both institutions have worked successfully on several common business and developmental projects.

Romania GeoEcoMar

Organization Name:
National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology


Contact Person:
PhD. Mihaela Muresan

Contact e-mail:

GeoEcoMar is a governmental research-development institution with wide international experience (FP4, 5, 6). It is co-ordinated by the Romanian Agency for Science and Innovation. Its activity is split between the headquarters in Bucharest and a branch in Constantza.

The main fields of activity of GeoEcoMar are:
- Marine, deltaic and fluvial environmental and geo-ecological studies regarding the ecosystems of the geosystem River Danube - Danube Delta - Coastal Zone - Black Sea
- Geological-geophysical survey and mapping of the Black Sea, mainly of the Romanian continental shelf, and other marine areas
- Paleo-ecological and paleo-environmental studies, studies of the environmental and geological impact of the global and sea level changes in the past and present
- Land-sea interactions in the Coastal Zone and its integrated management.

GeoEcoMar was also during the implementation of ECOPORT 8 project the coordinator of WP6 and responsible for the common ECO-guidelines.

Romania anr

Organization Name:
Romanian Naval Authority


Contact Person:
Dumitru Bucuresteanu

Contact e-mail:

Romanian Naval Authority was one of the observers of ECOPORT 8 project. An important contribution has been brought by our participation and sharing of our experience in the marine environmental domain Also, analysis was performed by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of port policy, especially the vulnerabilities and risks of the government capacity of the Port Authorities to implement prevention measures.

Taking into account the objectives of TEN ECOPORT for creating a Common Action Plan, Romanian Naval Authority can and will provide data and information, technical support and applicative activities (as defining the critical issues for Managing Action Plan, involvement in communication and education activities) using also the ECOPORT 8 results. Romanian Naval Authority can also provide an elevate education, training, consulting and reviewing, sharing the best experience and lessons, providing innovative methodologies and instruments for mapping the critical issues for the ports involved and highlighting the common key-elements, as basis of the Common Action Plan for all ports.

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