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Montenegro biokotor logo

Organization Name:
Institute of Marine Biology,


Contact Person:
PhD. Zoran Kljajic

Contact e-mail:

Founded in 1961, BIOKOTOR is the only Institute in Montenegro for scientific investigation, control and protection of the sea. Its research is mainly ecological, with focus on the Southern Adriatic and Boka Kotorska bay as a natural phenomenon. It is composed of four laboratories including Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology and Sea Protection and a Development Centre. The Institute boasts an experienced staff team of experts in the field, due to its cooperation in a range of important research projects of scientific content with important organisations such as the UN and FAO and many countries within the SEE area.

Montenegro Port-of-Bar---logo

Organization Name:
Port of Bar Holding Company


Contact Person:
Deda Djelovic

Contact e-mail:

The Port of Bar is managed by majority control of the state and has significant experience in international projects within the scope of the lNTERREG programme. The port of Bar is historically one of the important ports in the Adriatic as linked to corridor 8 and 10 and to the "Rail corridor Vlll-B", that link Bari-Bar-Kraljevo-Nis-Scopie-Sofia-Varna. This route is of particular importance as it connects the Adriatic with all other SEE areas, including the Black Sea.

Croatia DubrovnikPA

Organization Name:
Dubrovnik Port Authority


Contact Person:
Dario Barbaric

Contact e-mail:

In the Republic of Croatia port management varies based on the character of the port. The ports open for public traffic are managed by port authorities. Six port authorities are founded for ports of outstanding (international) economic importance to the Republic of Croatia and 22 port authorities for ports of county importance. Management mode for ports and organization and structure of port authorities and hierarchical structure in which they are incorporated depend on classification of ports according to their importance in transport and port system of the Republic of Croatia, which is conditioned by size and type of port traffic, condition and size of port capacities and connections of the port with hinterland.

According to the classification of ports as part of formal legal definition of Croatian port system, the port of Dubrovnik is categorized as passenger port open for public transport, it is one of six ports of international economic importance to the Republic of Croatia. Management of the port is directly under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Directorate of Maritime Transport, Maritime Domain and Ports.

Considering the prevalence of specific types of transport, Dubrovnik port distinguishes among ports on Croatian part of the Adriatic by its orientation to cruise traffic. In other Adriatic passenger ports, such as Split, Šibenik and Zadar, liners traffic is more represented. The ports of county and local importance that are profiled in the direction of cruising accommodate smaller cruise ships. Although port operations are arranged according to same formal legal background, their business orientation in terms of types of traffic, conditions the organization of business process and contents of business activities as well as goals that are set in view of port management.

Dubrovnik port area, which is managed by this institution is characterized by remarkable economic potential, and is of strategic importance and interest to the entire region. With the aim of appropriate valorization of port area, in terms of achieving major positive social-economic effects, the Port Authority has launched a comprehensive project of development and modernization of the passenger port of Dubrovnik, with the ultimate goal of passenger port adapted to the highest modern standards, both in terms of content and quality of services and in terms of a sophisticated port system.

Albania UPT

Organization Name:
Polytechnic University of Tirana


Contact Person:
 Prof. Tania Floqi

Contact e-mail:

Polytechnic University of Tirana is a public higher education and research institute, founded in 1951 under the name "Polytechnic Institute" (until 1957) and restructured by a Ministry Committee (1991). It is currently composed of a number of important Engineering and Technology faculties, such as the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Geosciences, Institute of Energy, Water and Environment etc. There are 279 professors, 323 associate professors and 57 lecturers.

The Polytechnic University of Tirana is the most important scientific organ in Albania and has a vested interest in gaining know-how in the context of EU standards and processes, Albania being a member of the pre-adhesion IPA programme.

Albania DPA

Organization Name:
Durres Port Authority


Contact Person:
Mirela Shani

Contact e-mail:

The Port of Durres is the most important port of Albania. It is located at the beginning of the main road linking Durres to the internal part of the country, which is now under restoration and extension. The port of Durres represents therefore the main gate for the goods arriving to and leaving from Albania; most of its traffic is with the countries involved in the project.

The partner is therefore relevant for the project activities as it will add the Albanian point of view and expertise in the activities promoted, as the analysis of the competitiveness of multimodal transport through the route crossing EU and non EU countries, but also implementing the census on ports and logistics facilities in the country.

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To work jointly on eco-routes


To provide the decision-makers with the useful tools & policies that will help them plan the future common model for the efficiency of the Trans-European Network corridors