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TEN ECOPORT at the event of the international project CRESCENDO

On Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Universus organized the exchange of experience in the framework of Activity 4 of the Project „CRESCENDO – Creșterea șanselor de ocupare a studenților" (CRESCENDO – Increasing employment chances for students), a project co-funded by the European Social Fund, Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Priority Axis 2, Sector of intervention 2.1 "Transition from school to working life", Contract number: POSDRU/161/2.1/G/138375, whose partners are Asociația PartNET - Parteneriat pentru Dezvoltare Durabilă (PartNET Association - Partnership for Sustainable Development) – Romania (Lead partner), the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of IașiRomania (Partner 1) and UNIVERSUS-CSEI-University Consortium for training and innovationItaly (Partner 2).

On this occasion, on Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Universus hosted also the presentation of the Ten Ecoport Project.

The presentations were introduced by the President of UNIVERSUS-CSEI-University Consortium for training and innovation, Prof. Carmine Viola and by the President of The PartNET Association - Partnership for Sustainable Development, Ph.D Iolanda Mihalache.

The main objective of the CRESCENDO project is to increase employment for 400 Romanian students in the technical field by providing guidance and counselling services, the carrying out of professional internships and carrying out a study at a transnational level. The project aims to adapt the skills and expectations of people during the period of education to labour market needs, by participating in reducing the discrepancy between the future work force and potential employers. The specific operational objectives of the Project are:

Specific objective 1 - Developing and strengthening the knowledge and skills of career managing for 400 students in the technical field, using European standards

Specific objective 2 - Improving guidance and counselling services and also organizing and developing internships for students, through exchange of experience and best practices on a transnational level

Specific objective 3- Facilitating the transfer from school to active life for 150 students by organizing internships in technical field

Ms Tatiana Branca, on behalf of the Ten Ecoport Lead partner (Polytechnic of Bari), presented the project with a focus on the role that the University may have in aligning and orienting students' skills to the new systems of environmental management of ports and the integrated new technologies.

Such alignment can be achieved both by inserting specific focus on the methodologies experienced within the Ten Ecoport project into university curricula, dedicated to the Environmental Field, and by planning Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Masters, which combine skills of engineering management, chemistry, physics and biology, and which train highly specialized expertise in the field of port integrated environmental management. Experts with such integrated skills will have high placement possibilities not only in port facilities, but also in the most important stakeholders working in the field of port transport.

Another important goal could be the creation of an international network between universities and research centres, within the countries that participate in the TEN ECOPORT Project, with the purpose of joining a common international programme of study, in the specific fields of the project, and to train, with a common basis, young graduates in the most important subjects regarding maritime and port environmental aspects, the management of ship generated waste and relevant EU legislation. This international programme could give students the opportunities to follow part of the lessons in each country, sharing the expertise of the various professionals from the range of countries involved, thus benefitting from preparation within an international context.

The Ten Ecoport presentation was received with great interest by professors of the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi", and, in line with the issues of the exchange of experiences organised under the CRESCENDO project, it has certainly provided new and important inputs in terms of new training programs, career counselling and placement opportunities.

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