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Thursday, 20 June 2013 17:52

Varna: Working group of representatives of various stakeholders will form opinions on the introduction of uniform standards for environmental protection in ports

Varna, 20-6-2013 Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company /BPI Co./ as a partner in an international project TEN ECOPORT – Transnational ENhancement of ECOPORT 8 network organises a series of Information Seminars with the participation of port operators, state institutions, municipalities, representatives of universities and research institutes. The main objective of these workshops is to form a working group including a broad range of stakeholders, whose task will be to discuss all proposals and documents developed within the project and connected with efficient measures to protect the environmental parameters in the Bulgarian ports.

Within the first stage of the project in the aquatorium of port of Burgas BPI Co. built specialized automatic monitoring stations for system control of the environment parameters. In continuation of one year already, the measurements are being monitored and analyzed.

One of the objectives of the project TEN ECOPORT is to identify the main problems associated with the regulation of the requirements and criteria for the protection of environment parameters in ports and future introduction of uniform requirements fro certification of activities causing pollution of the port areas.

The experience of Bulgaria is particularly interesting in the context of the project activities, because in one of the largest seaports – Burgas – is built one of the pilot monitoring stations in the region of Southeast Europe. The other big Bulgarian seaport – Port of Varna PLC is already operating with an implemented system for environmental management ISO 14001 and is one of the examples of good practice in sustainable management of port operations.

According to the experts who participated in the Seminar, as major concern in planning and control of activities for environmental protection is delineated the lack of legal regulation both in environmental parameters and the functions and powers of the responsible institutions.

The forum in Varna presented a possibility for exchange of information on scientific research of leading universities, providing education in the field of maritime transport and the environment – Naval Academy “N. Y. Vaptsarov”, Varna Technical University and Varna Free University “Tsernorisets Hrabar”. The active participation of the educational institutions and their research institutes in the discussion on the future regulation of the port operations is one of the possibilities for finding and implementing advanced and innovative solutions also in the field of the sustainable port development. The universities providing training in marine science, water transport, management and operation of ports posses serious potential and readiness to organize specialized training of experts, including from countries partners in the project TEN ECOPORT.

One of the objectives of the project which BPI Co. perform is to summarize the problems in this respect from the other partner countries and to assist in developing legislation, consistent with the current requirements and policies of EU. It is impending in a series of workshops to be determined the parameters of a transnational and sustainable procedure for establishing common requirements and rules for the control and monitoring of the environment in ports, as well as the development of guidelines for the ports of Southeast Europe in order to be identified best practices for environmental and sustainable common protocol between the national port control authorities to ensure eco-competition and cooperation within the maritime traffic.

The project TEN ECOPORT – Transnational ENhancement of ECOPORT 8 network is funded by the Transnational Operational Programme Southeast Europe 2007 – 2013. The project is implemented in partnership with 16 organisations from 7 countries.


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