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19 June 2013: TEN ECOPORT activities developed in Constanta, Romania

Within the scope of the activities of the European project TEN ECOPORT, a first Round Table was organized in Constanta, at the headquarters of the Romanian Naval Authority, on June 19th, 2013.
This round table was the first of the two meetings scheduled to take place during 2013 in Constanta Port with the aim of creating local network of port stakeholders with representatives of port operators, local authorities and other involved entities, for establishing and sharing a training Programme for increasing environmental protection capacity of local working specialized groups in SEE ports.
The meeting gathered a number of national experts, representatives of the relevant institutions, authorities and private companies involved in the marine and port environmental protection aspects and was focused on identifying the main marine and port pollution problems as well as finding the best joint solutions to address them using the rich expertise of all the specialists present to the meeting, including GEOECOMAR.
RNA 1stRoundTable 19-6-2013 1   RNA 1stRoundTable 19-6-2013 2
ECOPORT 8 project foregoing TEN ECOPORT, its tasks and outcomes as well TEN ECOPORT targets and expected results were presented to the participants by the joint effort of RNA and GEOECOMAR team members.
The discussions were focused on three main topics, namely:
· Increasing availability for the services and facilities also for all new sorts of categories of waste produced on board the ships, stated into revised MARPOL 73/78 – Annex V
· Finding the best solutions for the “Waste Notification” system communication, and also a better quality of the prevention pollution control system, and
· Surveillance and monitoring of port aquatorium in order to prevent pollution from land and ship sources and maintaining the port water quality.
The debates lead to a number of tasks to be addressed by each of the participants and it was decided that a follow-up meeting will be held on the 19th of September 2013 with the view of establishing the most important findings and lessons learnt, after fulfilling those tasks on port environmental critical aspects.
The works of the Round table were chaired by the Romanian Naval Authority’s project team.
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