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Friday, 24 May 2013 13:17

Presentation of the Videogame "ECOWARRIORS - ECOPORT MISSION"

On May 30, 2013, at the auditorium of the Institute Grimaldi - Lombardi of Bari, will be presented the 3D videogame "ECOWARRIORS - Mission Ecoport – KIDS BECOME HEROES OF THE ENVIRONMENT".

The video game is the result of the joint effort of the Levant Port Authority and the Institute "Grimaldi-Lombardi" of Bari and is produced in the framework of the project TEN ECOPORT.

It is an initiative that involves a group of about one hundred first class high school students guided by their teachers, an initiative that led to the production of a videogame that will be used as a tool for raising awareness and sensibilizing the port end-users towards the sustainable waste management and the development of the waste sorting.

The kids, under the guidance of the Company PMSTUDIOS of Bari, expert on the field and owner of the brand ECOWARRIORS, already used by the Apulia Region in order to raise awareness among young people on environmental issues, have conceived a new protagonist and a new episode, adjusted and located in the Port of Bari. There, the heroes of the environment defend the port against the Mafiabot attempt to pollute the sea with illegal transport of hazardous and toxic waste.
The videogame created is an episode of the existing videogame called ECOWARRIORS and will be in two languages, Italian and English. The videogame will be made ​​available free of charge: it will be uploaded to the TEN ECOPORT and to the APLevante websites and users will be able to download the first level of the game and play the other levels directly on-line, being part of a greater community.


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