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Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

TEN ECOPORT: the Port Authority of Bari and “Grimaldi-Lombardi” School become ECOWARRIORS!

This morning the Port Authority of Bari and “Grimaldi-Lombardi” School signed a Memorandum of Understanding to allow students of the secondary school, monitored by their teachers, to become protagonists in an interesting initiative aimed to produce a multimedia communication tool to sensitize the port stakeholders to a waste sustainable management and to enhance waste collection.


The activities are from TEN ECOPORT project, funded by South East Europe 2007-2013 Programme, where Port Authority of Bari is involved as partners with other institutions from 7 nations of Balkan European Area and coordinated by DICATECh of Polytechnic of Bari.


ECOWARRIORSThe final output of the Memorandum of Understanding, realized with the support of the P.M. Studios Ltd from Bari, will be an episode, set in the port of Bari, of the ECOWARRIORS videogame, already used by Apulia Region to raise young people awareness on environmental issues. Students will have to invent and design the “heroes” that will be fight against the ecomafias that want to pollute the sea, the history of the game, texts and test and the presentation of the game, both in Italian and English.


The 3D game will be made available in special multimedia totems, that will be located in the passengers rest area of the port of Bari, and that can be downloaded free in the web and spread in all nations involved in the project (Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria).


After the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding there was in the Auditorium of Lombardi Institute the first operational meeting during which the goals of the action were presented and where technicians, involved by Port Authority of Bari, show the method to transform pictures from 2D in digital animation 3D.


Francesco Mariani, President of Port Authority of Bari, called: “a beautiful experience the collaboration between port and a school because allow to approach young people to a little know reality, as the port reality is, that often considered as foreign to the city environment while constituting one of the most active and enriching of our territory. Using videogame as a tool, created by children themselves, for sensitize and involving children and parents through a greater commitment for the environment is the best way to make these issues familiar to everybody.”


Equally enthusiastic was the Manager of the school Ms Antonella Iacobone that commented the launch of this initiative: “as an important opportunity to upgrade the skills of active citizenship through a interactive and stimulating methodology, because the play approach to the educational activity is very effective. Moreover, very important is the knowledge of own territory and of its economical activities; often children that live in the suburbs are very far from the knowledge of a reality that is, indeed, relatively close physically and which is part of the urban area. Moreover, through the activities of the project children, will discover links, interrelationships and plots among different nations, with languages, traditions and different habits, projecting their selves, in this way, in a European dimension really lived rather than merely desired.


Nonetheless, the more important added value of this project is for the school as a whole that is involved in an unusual partnership, that is more than a simple collaboration among institutions, because allows a wide approach where it is possible to share common objectives, starting from very different paths”.


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