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Thursday, 19 December 2013 11:43

TEN ECOPORT announces its updated CALL FOR PAPERS and a CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR PRESENTATIONS for its 1st International Conference

TEN ECOPORT announces the updated version of the Call for Papers and launches a Call for Expression of Interest for Presentations for its 1st International Conference "Sustainable Development of the Sea-Corridors and Costal Waters", which will be held in Tirana-ALBANIA, on April 3rd 2014.

The Conference will highlight the advances on Environmental pollution management mainly on ports and coastal zones with special focus on the scientific fields of marine biology and ecology. Marine biology and marine ecology are referred to the study of organisms themselves as well as to how organisms interact with each other in the ocean, open seas, marine environment surrounding ports, or other marine or brackish bodies of water.

Emphasis will be given to water quality, issues that concern the marine environment of sea corridors and coastal waters especially in regions surrounding ports. Also, methodologies, data and instrumentation of monitoring water quality are considered as thematic issues of great importance for the specific Conference.

Moreover, the Conference will promote the cross-fertilization and the dissemination of best practices, ideas, synergies, theoretical approaches, achievements, results, success stories and activities of ongoing or concluded projects in fields related to those treated by TEN ECOPORT.

The Conference invites:

A. Submissions of papers and posters on fully-developed results, on-going work or innovative concepts related to marine biology, marine ecology, monitoring methodologies, systems and instrumentation regarding marine environment of sea corridors and coastal waters, especially in regions surrounding ports.

Both paper and poster presentations which address recent advances, future tendencies, risks, opportunities and solutions on one (or more) of the conference Thematic Areas are welcome.

Accepted (after double review process) contributions will be presented at the Conference and will be included in the conference proceedings volume which will be published by Springer.

B. the Expression of Interest for oral or poster presentation of projects (transnational, national or regional, ongoing or concluded, treating issues relevant to those of the TEN ECOPORT project), of best practices and experiences linked to the subject of the Conference, etc.

Contributions shall be oriented to the presentation of activities, results, achievements, best practices, success stories with a view to: a. make possible the development of new ideas and synergies, b. create new opportunities for research, c. give the possibility for cross-fertilizations, d. broadly promote the work done through various initiatives at international level, and e. stimulate new policies and strategies.

Accepted contributions will be presented at the Conference and the abstracts will be included in the eBook of the Conference abstracts that will be available online.

Official Language of the papers and presentations (oral & poster) will be ENGLISH.

For this Conference there is NO REGISTRATION FEE as it is organised in the framework of the project TEN ECOPORT which is co-financed by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Conference www.tenecoport.eu/conference


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