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Managing Action Plan (MAP)

This activity foresees the implementation of the Managing Action Plan based on the Set of Common Critical Issues defined in the previous sub-activity.

During the implementation of this sub-activity, the guidelines for a Common Model of Environmentally friendly sea-network will be defined. Two pilot ports, the Port of Bari and the Port of Durres, intend to set up actions and effective policies concerning environmental issues. This way, these two pilot ports, one coming from EU countries and one coming from IPA countries, will work on the same environmental issues: this can permit to monitor "step by step" and through a closed-chain approach the concrete realisation of at least one environmental Policy or Action related to a common issue, creating this way a real possibility to set a common policy and a Common Model that will cover not only ports areas but also the whole "route" alongside the SEE area.


CommonMAP WP4 -Act 4.3 COMMON ACTION PLAN for ship-generated waste_Ports of Bari and Durres

WasteManagementSoftware WP4 -Act 4.3 WASTE MANAGEMENT Software_Waste Form on GAIA System: USER MANUAL

This sub-activity is the continuation and capitalization of the implementation of the activity Testing: Monitoring surveys on site of the project ECOPORT 8. More specifically, those activities included the installation of equipment and procedures for monitoring defined allowed to acquire long-term data, providing a useful database for further technical and scientific studies and, above all, allowing the Port Authority to control the evolution of key environmental parameters and promptly deal with emergency situations. The first output produced within the aforementioned ECOPORT 8 activity was a GENERAL MONITORING PLAN defining all parameters to be monitored and possible modes of measurement, regardless of the specific situation of each port. The report contains also the results of a market survey covering all possible instruments available and measuring standards. Based on the overall monitoring plan, two pilot plans have been defined, i.e. Bourgas Monitoring Plan and Bar Monitoring Plan, and the equipment necessary was purchased, installed and operated, as well as manual samplers. The results of the monitoring are available in the respective reports prepared as follows:

Final report - Port of Bar
Final Report on Automated Measurements System - Port of Bourgas

Final Report supplement on Automated Measurements System - Port of Bourgas
Final Report on Laboratory Measurements - Port of Bourgas and Annexes Phytoplakton   / Zooplakton   / Zoobenthos .

To confirm the growing interest in the project, the ports of Bari and Durres had started a series of field investigations and purchase equipment for measurement, following the criteria defined in the general monitoring plan. The results of the activities performed were summarized in the annexes related to the Monitoring Activities of the Port of Bari and Monitoring Activities of the Port of Durres.

Consequently, in the framework of TEN ECOPORT the Port of Bari and the Port of Durres will install local monitoring systems that along with the two previous pilot sites, the Port of Bar and the Port of Bourgas, will provide data to the WebGIS application that will be established during the implementation of the project.

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To work jointly on eco-routes


To provide the decision-makers with the useful tools & policies that will help them plan the future common model for the efficiency of the Trans-European Network corridors