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INFO STAND within port areas

The involvement of the citizenship in the project TEN ECOPORT constitutes an important dissemination step of the project. For this reason, TEN ECOPORT has foreseen the set up of 10 Info Stands within all Port Areas involved in the project in order to disseminate the results of the activities of the project to the end-users of all collaborating ports.

Considered as physical corners where the public could be informed about critical environmental issues of the ports and relevant actions undertaken, as well as about the TEN ECOPORT project itself, the Info Stands created and established by the project were targeted to the port end-users, citizens, travelers and port workers.

Designed under the guidance of the Port Authority of Bari, the Info Stands were placed in the port areas participating in the project, and more specifically in external or internal areas with a great flow of people (gates, bar, exit, bus-stop etc.) in order to be seen and utilized by as many people as possible.

More analytically, the Info Stands were created in order to disseminate the results of the project activities to the end-users of the port. One of their main requirements was to continue to spread the project contents and results also after the end of the project maintaining a visual identity of the network created. Moreover, the Info Stands were designed so as to be of low maintenance cost as far as their structure and management is concerned in order to be sustainable and remain in public in the long term.

Of course, the Info Stand structure chosen by each port was different in view of the aesthetic characteristics of the places in which they were located. However, most of the Info Stands created have the common characteristic that are light structures, plastic or aluminium depending on whether it is located inside or outside, and to some of those located outside solar energy is used so as to be visible also during night.

Each port was free to decide whether to put or not on the stand structure a pocket for the disECOWARRIORS missiontribution of project brochure or to place multimedia displays for viewing the project results and for the videogame “ECOWARRIORS: MISSION ECOPORT, a multimedia and interactive communication tool created by the Port Authority of Bari with the significant help of students coming from the “Grimaldi-Lombardi” School with the aim to raise awareness on environmental issues among young people. This interesting educational videogame is and will remain available and accessible to everybody.


As far as the textual content each Info Stand includes:
- guidelines and suggestions for waste disposal and/or environmental good practices that the port follows
- description of the TEN ECOPORT project focused on the project achievements as a whole
- description of the results achieved by the port during TEN ECOPORT
- environmental information about the port.

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To work jointly on eco-routes


To provide the decision-makers with the useful tools & policies that will help them plan the future common model for the efficiency of the Trans-European Network corridors